Why paperplanewarrior?

Hi, I’m Nicole and you may be wondering how I got my name….well here it is:


I have a paper airplane on my left arm to signify my love for traveling, I’ve been on over 15 cruises and all over the country and some of the world.  I don’t even want to stop traveling..I love learning about culture and I am a complete museum geek.  I didn’t want to get a tattoo that signified just my love for cruising or just my love for flying. I thought of a paper airplane, you throw it and just watch it go…I like to just go where the flow takes me.
My warrior tattoo signifies a little more, it reminds me everyday to not take a single day for granted.  My warrior tattoo has four arrows next to it, to signify the four open surgeries I’ve had in my life; all of them before my 14th birthday.  Obviously I am reminded everyday that I will never be cured of heart disease, that my scars will never go away, and that I will never live a “normal” life.  It took me a lot of soul searching,  a lot of asking God why, a lot of days hating myself for the body I was born into, and a lot of resentment towards those who didn’t see the internal struggle I face(d) everyday.  I got this tattoo to remind myself that everyday is a blessing, I am blessed to wake up everyday, I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food on the table, people to talk to, and most importantly I am blessed to feel my heartbeat (as erratic as it is).

Both of these tattoos are conversation starters, and I get to tell people what they mean; the life I’ve lived and the legacy I want to leave behind someday.

Let me leave you with something:
““She was always fighting a battle but her smile would never tell you so.”
Nikki Rowe

Live, Love, Laugh…..Always,




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