Too Young for This!

It’s been an interesting December and for the first time in three months I am not spending the first of the month in the hospital! With that being said it’s been challenging with doctor appointments, and now intensive cardiac rehab.  This program is meant to reverse heart disease, which I honestly laugh at with a slightly pained face because I’ll never be there.  The program is a nine week, two times a week for four hours each session to help those who are affected by coronary heart disease reverse the effects of the heart damage that had been done.  I was told by my cardiac team to do some type of rehab so that I can strengthen my heart enough to go through whatever they want to do in the next few months, and just looked around for an all inclusive program.  The problem is that this program uses a complete vegetarian diet to help the patients lose weight and eat a more heart healthy diet.  I just don’t find the program very helpful, and I think some of my resistance comes from the fact that I am the youngest one in the program by at least 40 years and it’s about reversing heart disease……it’s not a good combination to lift someone’s spirits about trying it out.

The rant above honestly is the main reason for me wanting to start a nonprofit for young adults with congenital heart disease.  I would like to be able to sit down with nutritionist and exercise experts to come up with a type of program that would keep our heart healthy and we would be able to get help and chat about our challenges and successes.  This is just one thing I would like to do in my endeavor to make a better life for those of us with congenital heart disease.

The end of this past year has been challenging and emotional and frustrating to say the least.  I’m now going to more doctors to keep everyone updated on everything while maintaining my health in all aspects.  I hoping that 2017 brings some relief,  acceptance, and stability.  It’s not going to happen just by wishing for it and writing it down here, but I do know that if I work hard and keep not only my body healthy but my mind as well that my hope for this upcoming year will become my reality.

It’s up to us to make the new year a year that we will look back on January 1st 2018 and go “yes, it was a great year!”

Happy New Years!!

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”

Live, Laugh, Love…Always,


PS: the featured picture is the facility that I’m doing the cardiac rehab at


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