Baby it’s cold outside

I’m sitting in the waiting room hoping that someone is a no-show for their gastrointestinal (GI) appointment; it’s called being a checker here.  The reason for this is because the appointment I originally have scheduled is for February 17th….I am not flying back up for one appointment and has it goes my day is pretty free until 4 pm. Today was supposed to be a day of packing and preparing to head home tomorrow after my ablation on Friday.  Well, that went down the drain; there was some things they were concerned about during my protesting that they have pushed back the ablation. Last week I had a CAT scan of my heart and atransesophageal echocardiogram(TEE) which showed significant leakage in three of my four valves. This is nothing new to me, but the information they had received from Florida did not portray the severity of my case. I had additional blood test, and a second TEE to get a better picture and come up with a game plan.The two cardiologist on my case are talking to see how they want to proceed and I will find out more today at 4.

The doctor ok’d a day trip to the twin cities and I got to go to the Mall of America with one of my best friends from high school.  It was great to have a break from this place and all the what-ifs that are still up in the air.  During our time there we also took a trip to Dave and Buster (I’d never been before) and it was a blast…sometimes I don’t think I’m actually 28.At the end of the day I ended up with a few souvenirs, a unicorn pillow pet from Despicable Me, and some great memories I won’t soon forget.

I did celebrate by birthday this week and I was welcomed with fresh snow, not many appointments and a much-anticipated snowball fight. The first test I had that morning was at 730 and the lady that checked me in gave me a “Happy Birthday” sticker..I felt pretty special.  It’s been an intersting week with many twist I did not expect, but I’m blessed to have the best team of doctors and staff from around the world caring for me.

5:50 pm

It looks like we are a go for the cardiac ablation tomorrow morning. I’m to report to St. Mary’s at 5:30am to begin registration and the pre-op process. The doctors have said that  for now this is my best chance at a better quality of life. We had a discussion about my valves and how bad the leakage is. It looks like two of my valves are severe but are maintaining their own at the time. Both doctors ageee on moving forward with the ablation which is a good thing. 

I would be kidding myself if I said I wasn’t nervous because this is something I’ve never been through. I’m excited to see how it helps improve my life though…let’s do the damn thing!

“The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done”.        -Allard Lowenstein

Live, Laugh, Love……..Always,


I took this picture at the Crayola store at Mall of America. 


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