Stars in the sky

Things tend to change when you don’t want or know how to react to it.  I find solace in poetry, and I wrote this in one of those moments.

I didn’t know it was you
I didn’t know that I missed my chance
That one opportunity to really tell you how I feel

And now I feel broken
I feel scarred
My defeat is clearly written

Healing doesn’t just happen
It magically won’t get better
It just gets numb

The feelings
Being happy and being sad
Eventually they are all one emotion

The scars that show
The scars that don’t
They engrave the body and soul

I wish I could of been honest
I wish I could of told the truth
In that card I wrote to you

The stars
Pierce the sky
When day turns into night

The brightness in you
Was blinding me
So I closed my eyes

The shine you gave
It was unknown
And I was scared

Just as the stars
Shine the brightest
In the darkest of skies


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