Hospital Bag

Don’t tell me what to do
Don’t tell me what to wear
Don’t tell me what I can’t do
Let me decide my comfort.

I never want to be someone’s problem
I never try to cause problems
I never intentionally break things
Accidents happen.

I wasn’t made to fit your mold
I wasn’t brought here to be scolded
I wasn’t waiting just for you to just assume
Just show me the way.

Can’t you see it’s not my first time
Can’t you tell I’m not in the mood
Can’t you understand I’m tired
I bring a hospital bag every time.

It’s not a one size fit all world yet when I’m admitted to the hospital I’m are given a gown that is way too big on me, no slip socks that I could put an extra pair of feet in, a comb that would break if I tried to use it, and a one time use packet of toothpaste.  I feel like they are trying to get me to leave before I even get into my hospital bed.

I will more often than not have some type of hospital bag prepacked in my house or my car.  The essentials never change:

  • 2 pairs of pj shorts
  • at least one pair of sweatpants
  • 2 loose sleep shirts
  • underwear (if you’ve ever asked for underwear in a hospital you’ll understand)
  • Feminine hygiene products (see above, you’ll understand)
  • toothbrush
  • travel size toothpaste
  • leave in conditioner and/or dry shampoo
  • phone charger
  • laptop/ laptop charger

If I end up going to the ER and only staying for a day or two I’m usually dressed in something that I wouldn’t mind staying in.  When I end up staying longer or know I will be in the hospital for a longer period of time I pack accordingly.

This is the bag I brought this time around, and I decided to bring my macbook so I could watch movies and do some work stuff.  I’ve learned that I like having earphones better than the over-the-ear headphones because these hurt less when I’m laying down in bed.

I want to do some of these type of post with some tips and tricks to help with getting through this messy yet amazingly great life with a little CHD and chronic illnesses spread through it.

If you have any questions or suggestions of your own please leave a comment.

I’m hoping in the future this bag will be able to go on grander adventures than the hospital.

“The world is too big to stay in one place, and life is too short to just do one thing”

Live, Laugh, Love….Always,




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