The Adventures of Being Happy: Decluttering

What do you think when you hear the word “clutter” and “decluttering”?  Most people, including myself think of it as physical stuff, how much stuff we have around our space.  I’ve been reading How To Be  A Bawse and there is a section about decluttering your life, the things that make you feel dragged down and cluttered.  Recently my life seems to feel so cluttered that I can’t seem to move around, the times I feel like I’ve cleaned one part out another aspect falls down into the just cleaned space.  The problem isn’t that I can’t clean it; the problem lies in the fact that there is too much stuff.  So, I’m detoxing my life.

I have talked about what makes me happy, and that my happiness is found in making others happy.  Once again I pose the question “what makes ME happy?” Maybe it’s time to use a bit of reverse psychology on myself: “what makes me UNHAPPY?”
1. Being used
2. Not being appreciated
3. The feeling of exclusion in a group you “belong” to
4. Those who are not present when they are with you
5. Stagnancy

By going backwards the light bulb went off that I find myself in situations where I feel like I can’t say no, but I don’t want to let others down.  Many people know that I have an issue saying no and because of that I’ve been used more times than I’d like to count.  It’s time to break that thinking down; how do I say no while still maintaining my values and respecting myself and others? Let go of those who won’t appreciate all those times you have said yes and instead ridicule you for saying no.

The idea of saying no and having self respect for myself and my values will take time, but it begins with realizing that my value is measured by who I AM and not what I’m NOT.

“People inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely.”  -Unknown

Live, Laugh, Love……Always,




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